Pombo Slammed in New York Times

Pombo slammed in New York Times, Sacramento Bee, and San Jose Mercury editorials

Friday, Nov. 26, 2005, New York Times:

“While lawmakers are in recess, it is worth reflecting on one particular part of the mess they have left behind. Last week, a budget bill scraped through the House, 217 to 215. Democrats and moderate Republicans had already stripped a provision to allow drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. But the House bill left intact an evil trap to be sprung on the American public: Richard Pombo’s plan to put a few hundred million acres of publicly owned land up for sale in the American West….

“This is a blatant fraud on the American people, expressed in bland legislative legalese. The question is, Who is going to stop it? “

Wednesday, Nov. 2, 2005, San Jose Mercury News:

Richard Pombo, the rancher and member of Congress from Tracy, has been on a roll. He’s been rolling over the Endangered Species Act. He’s been rolling over the moratorium on offshore oil and gas drilling. He’s been rolling over the notion that public lands ought to be managed for the public good.

“In general, Pombo has been using his position as chairman of the House Natural Resources committee to flatten the laws that protect the natural wonders of his home state and the rest of the states as well.

“This environmental destruction is written into the budget act as a way — a shortsighted way — of raising revenues.

“Environmental blindness is a Pombo specialty. He’s pushing for a highway from the Central Valley over Mount Hamilton into East San Jose. There’s only one reason to build it. A river of concrete through an unspoiled landscape would be a symbol of the swath of destruction Pombo is cutting through environmental protections.”

Sunday, Oct. 30, 2005, New York Times:

“While the East Bay and Central Valley are still nominally Republican, it is far from certain that they will continue to support a man of Mr. Pombo’s radical turn of mind.”

“[Pombo's bill] is, in short, a sleazy piece of work, written by a man who appears to be able to conceive of property rights as something that only a private individual or a corporation can have; a man who betrays no awareness that the American public has a shared right in the refuge and the national parks and the millions of acres he wants to sell to developers.

“Mr. Pombo’s only idea, and it is a terrible one, is to treat this nation the way he treats his Congressional district, as if it were ripe for exploitation.”

Saturday, Oct. 29, 2005, Sacramento Bee:

“Since Hurricane Katrina, Pombo has been a one-man Category 5 environmental disaster zone.”

“Pombo comes from a centrist district in the Central Valley. If he were true to his district, he would be proposing some energy supply efforts along with real demand-reduction measures such as tougher fuel efficiency standards. Instead, he is dancing to the tune of the drillers, the diggers and the property rights wackos. As resource policy goes, he has led the full House off the proverbial cliff. The nation can only pray that the Senate won’t follow.


Less Stress On Kids

Currently, one out every two marriages ends in divorce and a large number of divorcing families include kids. The divorcing parents are often so worried about how the divorce will affect their kids. In the course of this difficult period, most parents may be so engrossed in their own problems, but they still continue to be the most important people in the lives of their kids.

Even though parents may be shattered or relived by the divorce, kids are always terrified and confused by the threat to their security. A number of parents may feel so hurt or even overwhelmed by the divorce that they might turn to their children for comfort and direction. This may add to the stress and pressure a kid is experiencing. Divorce can be misunderstood by kids not unless parents tell them what’s going on, how they’re involved and not involved in the whole process, and what will happen to them after the divorce.

Most frequently, kids believe that they are the cause of the conflict between their parents. A great number of children assume the responsibility for bringing both their parents back together, thus causing them even more stress.

The traumatic loss of one or even both parents through divorce may result in vulnerability to both the physical and mental illnesses in kids. However, with proper care and attention, the strengths of a family can be mobilized during a divorce, and children can be helped to constructively deal with the purpose of parental conflict.

Talking to your kids about divorce is very difficult. The following tips can help both the kid and parents with the challenge as well as the stress of these conversations:

· First, don’t keep the divorce a secret or wait up until the last minute. It may be even more difficult for the kids to cope with the idea of the divorce when told at the last minute. When you decide to talk to your kids about the divorce, include your spouse in the talk too, if possible.

· Keep things really simple and straight-forward, and remember not to share more information than your children are asking for. Remember not to say anything negative about the other parent or his/her friends and family to your kids. This might end up complicating the whole situation. Your kids need to be reassured that you both still love them and will always be their parents. You don’t want to make the other parent look bad in the eyes of your kids.

· Admit to your kids that this will be really sad and upsetting for everyone. However, while doing this, remember that you can always discuss your feelings with your kids to an extent that they understand them, but don’t let your kids know that you’re terrified of the future. This is because your kids will be terrified as well. Rather, maintain a balanced emotional standpoint that concentrates on the difference between facts and feelings.

· Reassure your kids that the divorce isn’t their fault. If you don’t do this, your kids will blame themselves for causing the conflict that resulted in the divorce, and they may try doing the impossible to bring the both of you back together. This might only hurt your kids even more in case they don’t succeed.

Parents need to be very alert to signs of distress in their kids. Young kids might react to divorce by getting more violent and uncooperative or by simply withdrawing. Older kids might feel profound sadness and loss. Their school performance may be affected and behavior problems are also common. As teenagers and adults, kids of divorce can have a hard time with their own relationships and experience self-esteem problems.

However, kids will do well if they know that both their parents will still be there for them and will also be involved with them even if the marriage is coming to an end and the parents will not live together. Very long custody disputes or the pressure on a kid to choose sides can be especially harmful for the child and can add to the damage caused by divorce. Research shows that kids do better when their parents can minimize conflict and try to cooperate for the sake of the kid.

In conclusion, an ongoing commitment of parents to their kid’s well-being is very essential. If a kid shows any signs of distress, the family pediatrician or doctor can refer the parent to a kid and adolescent psychiatrist for evaluation and treatment. Furthermore, the psychiatrist can meet with the parents to help them learn how to make the stress of the divorce easier for the whole family.


Get Pombo Out

Rep. Richard Pombo, of California’s 11th District

Too far right and too corrupt to represent the good people of this District

Named one of 13 most corrupt members of Congress. Close associate of indicted Rep. Tom DeLay 

Working vigorously to overturn environmental laws and destroy our natural heritage

A right-wing zealot in charge of the House Resources Committee

Meanwhile, the 11th District suffers from polluted air, high rates of asthma, tainted water, poverty, high infant mortality, substandard schools, workers struggling harder and commuting longer, high housing costs, and an overloaded transportation system. Pombo has been in office since 1993, and he has done little to benefit his district while pursuing his hard-right, anti-environmental agenda and enriching his friends, family, and cronies through corrupt campaign financing practices.

It is time for change in the 11th District!

[NOTE FROM WEBMASTER, Jan. 18, 2006: I have been incredibly busy with end of year and other matters, so have not kept up with posting all the news about Pombo. Much has come out in the last couple of months and I will try to update it soon. Meanwhile, check out the blogs, join the Yahoo! Group, go to the candidate sites, write letters to editors, go to meetings or candidate events, google Pombo and other words to do research on his dealings, send me any research or writings you do if you want -- let's work to replace Pombo with someone who will work for the people of this District!]